What others say.

We don’t like to make a big deal out of what we’ve done or the people we’ve worked with. But they have said some nice things about us.

“Kim is an exceptional educator. Kim adapts her approach to the specific needs of an individual and in light of this we saw improvement in every student she worked with. Kim has specific and articulated goals for her students, who in turn are focussed to deliver them. But in our opinion the most encouraging and exciting aspect of her as an educator is how much she cares. Kim’s passion and belief in the students is infectious and brought about nothing but passion and belief in those around her.”

David & Lisa Campbell-Directors of Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2009 –2011

(0404) 012 179dc@luckiestproductions.com.au

“The students responded not only to her expertise but her manner; Kim was able to build quality relationships appropriate to the circumstances of a short term, intensive rehearsal and performance period.”

“Kim's knowledge of the vocal material was outstanding and she shared her passion for musical theatre through her enthusiastic and rigorous approach to teaching. The students responded not only to her expertise but her manner; Kim was able to build quality relationships appropriate to the circumstances of a short term, intensive rehearsal and performance period. She demonstrated the capacity to plan effective rehearsals where a large amount of music had to be taught in limited time. Her rehearsal technique was excellent and she ably managed large numbers of students with a pervading culture of mutual respect and a businesslikeapproach.”

Nic Mulder-St PetersBoys School

(0430)059 666

“Kim has an outstanding knowledge of music and teaching music.Kim always displays complete commitment to and enjoyment of the task at hand. When Kim is presented with something new she relishes the challenge and readsextensively, researches, listens intently and asks many in depth questions to fully grasp the concept.Quite simply, Kim is an exceptionally gifted and skilled teacher whom I would recommend to anyone.”

“With her with primary & secondary school students, Kim’s inventiveness and immediate reaction to solving problems and motivating students was exceptional. Kim has the students eating out of her hand and she displays an innate understanding of each student’sstrengths and weaknesses and builds such a high quality rapport with each student –which brings out qualities and skills that many students didn’t know they have.”

Peter Deane–State Opera of South Australia

(0412) 403 664 pdsing@internode.on.net

“With her extensive solo singing background, Kim brings a thorough and expert knowledge of vocal technique and stylistic performance to her teaching and conducting of this group. She has challenged and mentored many of the young voices through vocal change and development for many years first as a one-on-one vocal teacher, and then choral conductor.A warm, energetic, fun and supportive personality, Kim has built the skills and confidence of her choristers so they can shine on stage and communicate their joy and love of singing to the audience.”

Emma Horwood-Adelaide Chamber Singers

(0422) 944 121

“I have been a singing student of Kim Spargo’s for fouryears. We are a small singing group of mostly older women. Kim has always been encouraging and patient with us whenever we have not been able to grasp something. She has a very profound musical knowledge, and teaches many different age groups which requires flexibility and enthusiasm. We all enjoy our lessons very much.”

Merdie Clarkson-Mature Aged Student

(0417) 868 899

"Kim’s extensive experience of diverse strategies, notably in the use of the keyboard/synthesiser (which she had to learn how to use) to create a sound-scape for the dance scenes in the play and a willingness to provide the live musical accompaniment to support the singers. This was offered rather than requested, identifying that the student singers and dancers required the support of live accompaniment to deliver their best performances. This was also evident in the innovative vocal exercises and activities that she brought to rehearsals to assist student learning.

Kim is a friendly, co-operative teacher who develops excellent relationships with students and staff having a real understanding of the stresses they face”.

Kim planned and documented a range of activities to develop the vocal abilities of the Year 11 students in performance. She ran an outstanding series of workshops and warmups to develop their understanding of vocal production and projection and students themselves recorded the notable improvement in clarity, volume and colour that they were able to achieve in narration and characterisation as a result.

One Malaysian student wrote in her production reflection that it was not until Ms Spargo’s vocal workshop that she was able to have the confidence to speak strongly and loudly and to embrace her natural accent. Certainly this student’s ability to tell stories was transformed by her work with Kim. Kim also ran an excellent workshop on song-writing engaging all students in a class to offer lines and ideas to the creation of a group song.

Kim has a sharp understanding of the importance of appropriate working environments, facilities and resources and is always well prepared with a creative range of resources to stimulate and engage her students.

An outstanding and experienced collaborator, Kim works very well with others in discussion of contemporary issues and shows a depth of research in determination to improve her professional practice.”

Julianne English-Head of Arts -Pembroke School

(0417) 886 175 jenglish@pembroke.sa.edu.au