Who we are.      

Kim Spargo - Director

Kim has done a lot. In fact, it reads a bit like a checklist of milestones in performance art. Session vocalist? Check. Touring with Australian and international artists? Check. Shows in the Fringe Festival, the Adelaide Festival, the Cabaret Festival? Check. She’s also been musical director for a bunch of shows, runs a number of award winning vocal groups and choirs, has published arrangements that are performed around the world, and many of her students are now in professional productions here in Australia and abroad. She’s also worked side by side with Kate Ceberano, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, David Campbell, Barry Humphries, the Idea of North, the ASO, and plenty of others, but she doesn’t like talking about that much.

Kim has plenty of experience as a vocal coach to professionals and as an educator, and has worked extensively with all voices at all ages and in all styles. She also has extensive experience in remedial vocal coaching, tailored for tertiary music students and music professionals. Kim not only performs internationally but she travels frequently to present at conferences on voice production, stagecraft, cabaret, music theatre, teach the teacher and many other tailor-made workshops specifically in the vocal field.

Jacob Morris

Jacob first came to Kim some years ago as a student (neither Kim nor Jacob likes to mention just how long). Since then, he’s done a fair bit of performing - a few spots in musicals, award-winning a capella groups, and he plays regularly in bands around town (he’s a bit handy on the guitar as well). Nothing seems to faze him and nothing is out of reach - as he proudly says, his achievements are all Kim’s fault.

Recently completing a masters in education, Jacob brings a very practical mind to the world of vocal teaching. He knows first-hand what’s important in a professional singer and musician because he does it every week. Guys who are dealing with a breaking voice and singer-songwriters are his speciality.

Kate Lewis

Kate is the newest addition to the Vocal Artistry family, but don’t take her baby face as a sign of inexperience. Despite her young(er) age, she has already tallied up a scary number of pro productions, fringe shows, successfully competes in singing competitions and eisteddfods, and plays in cover bands around town, while busily completing a bachelor in jazz performance and education at Adelaide University.

Kate's focus is on younger singers just finding their talent or vocalists who need to build their confidence and sound in the pop/contemporary field.